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"Luckily I have an ace up my sleeve!" I smirk and roll my sleeve up. A confused asexual rolls out, blinking in the sudden light.


baked avocado fries


baked avocado fries

a university came into school today and they gave out sheets to fill out for the university to contact us and give us information and it asked us what our interests were and the examples they had were “philosophy and baking” and “the communist knitting club”

this is the school for me

Artist: Gregory And The Hawk
Track: "Boats and Birds"

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Do you ever have that moment when a kid is looking at you and you realize that they’re looking at you as a grown up? Then its like no child im a children too, dont. Im sorry my outward appearance confuses you.


Space Bear and Space Bat by Melinda Boyce on Etsy

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queer people WILL populate the moon

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If you’re straight you’re straight, you can’t get more straight. If you’re gay though you can get gayer every day if you work at it. That’s the fun part about being gay. You’re constantly moving past your limits.


i love the term “bear with me” because it could mean either 1 of 2 things: